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About Us

About Us


Our Story

Founder's note

Sometimes, life can seem very black and white, or even just grey. I felt this way for a very long time and have years of monotone paintings, outfits and decor to show for it. I even started a design studio called Studio.blk with a manifesto about the importance of black!

Colour can be scary or even confusing. What do they mean? Why does wearing colour feel like wearing my heart on my sleeve? What do they reveal about me? Why do they have the ability to make me feel a certain way?

With my journey through clinical depression in the last seven years, I have been on the pursuit of retaining daily happiness. Through this journey I decided to confront my fear of colour and stop hiding behind black. I researched colour through art history, psychology, design and even trained as an image consultant to understand how we can use colour to influence our appearance, behavior and communication. 

As I started to open up to colour, I found a new language that allowed me to express my emotions and support myself in my pursuit of retaining daily happiness. Hello Colour is where I can share these learnings through bright and positive products and support others through their self-love journey. 

Every product made at Hello Colour is inspired by the techniques and reflections from a personal journey towards self-love and mental wellbeing.

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Our Purpose

Starting conversations

Our products and our efforts are focused on helping individuals, families and communities start having discussions about mental health, mental illness and mental wellbeing. We believe that the current stigma and stereotypes about mental health stem from fear-mongering dialogue and dangerous misrepresentations in media and culture. 

Changing Perceptions

We hope to bridge this gap through honest and colourful products that serve as an entry point for conversations about mental health. Our work focuses on changing perceptions and initiating healthy dialogue and lifestyle changes so that individuals are empowered, educated and open to seeking support from the right mental health resources and professionals.


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